Setting Your Goals to Success!

The other day I borrowed a book from one of my friends, and the book named “SEE YOU AT THE TOP” by Zig Zagler. The title pushed me hunting inside.

Who do not want to succeed? One may lie when they say they do not. Especially, for professionals or students who juggle between work/study and personal life, need to set goals to reach them and succeed.

Though half way thru the book, I learned that Setting goals and reaching them is SUCCESS. Many a times do we not wonder ‘How to set goals’ or ‘How do I reach my goals? It is easier to reach goals than to set them. A goal set is many a time reached as subconsciously we work towards it and eventually reach them.

Reaching towards success looks easy once we start believing in it. For setting goals or reaching goals, we need some records. Same as we need a route map to reach the destination. We need the starting place. And one need to be honest in keeping the records as it is for our sake. Records would help us know day-to-day basis of our productivity, work capacity, and usage of time.

Try separating your records for time spent on professional/study, personal work, and leisure time. This might look a bit tough in the beginning but it becomes a habit and you find it easier and productivity improves. And compare your best past records with the present to assess yourself.

Accept a ‘Challenge’. Do not worry about losing. You need not necessarily have to win every-time, but challenges in front of you will make you stronger. There’s a saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. If you win, your confidence boosts and will be making a lot of progress.

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