Creativity and the Box!

Article by Uma A. (image source: google)

Most of us have heard many a times about ‘Think outside the Box” phrase. Did anyone wonder how that box looks like or who defines the shape and size of that box? Is the box rectangular or square?

I know…I know…  it’s after all just a phrase and the box is metaphoric. Creativity is what expected (let’s exclude innovation here) and it surely does not contain any shape or size. Not limited to, creativity taking form of an art, food, clothing, cinema, to a never ending list.

Creativity cannot be same for everyone. To say, one might think patches of colors on a canvas on a particular abstract art have creativity to it but to another it might be just patches of colors. It all depends how one portrays the elements of an object or a project that may define its creativeness. It is more or less similar to the ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’ thing. The perception of the onlooker defines if the form is creative enough.

For sure, thinking outside the box can stimulate ones brain working on variant thoughts popping on left and right brain. During the thought process the ideas rotates around the box and each idea gets the lift with its analysis of pros and cons. There is every chance thinking outside the box have its consequences too resulting in shaking the existing functioning system. Having said that, thinking outside the box gives birth to an extraordinary creative idea which no one might have thought possible. It is OK to suggest creative ideas for a project old or new if there is room for improvisation.

Creativity has every chance to increase the goodwill, sales, or attracting investors for a project. Thoughts and creative ideas generated from outside the box shall have credibility and authenticity to it for approval of everyone involved. It may not be worth if idea does not fit the project or timing for implementation is not appropriate. Creative ideas have its own time and place to cherish by all. So keep thinking outside the box and that shape is rectangular or square does not really matter!