PART 2: Awakening – Humans; The Prisoners On Earth Inside Antarctic Ice Walls!

Article by Uma Angina.

EARTH, a beautiful land of oceans, mountains, forests, deserts, vast lands – but many things are concealed from us humans about the same land we live on; the dome is our sky, stars – northern lights are artificially generated, sun – moon phases are created thru north-pole hole and black sun beneath our land. Sounds strange? A lady named Helen Morris has authored books about the Earth being inside a dome surrounded by Ice Walls and its colonization by The Custodians (Watchers). She is a resident of beyond the Ice Walls. Our Earth is known as ‘Known Lands’ to other worlds and is surrounded by Ice Walls (150 ft high) and there is another world beyond our lands – ‘Atlas’ and they are surrounded by Mountains, the lands beyond these mountains known as – ‘Akupara’.