Photographer & Photography

This article is for anyone out there with interest in Photography but unsure how to start Photographing. There are many types of Photography one can choose from. The main aspect need to be ‘The Passion’ to photograph. One can think of capturing lives surrounding humans or animals or just things. That really depends on oneself.

The types of photographers one can choose to become based on their interest:
Advertising Photographer
Architecture/Buildings Photographer
Astronomy Photographer
Automobile Photographer
Kids Photographer
Blog Photographer
Celebrity Photographer
Concerts Photographer
Events Photographer
Family Photographer
Fashion Photographer
Food Photographer
Landscape Photographer
Lifestyle Photographer
Medical Photographer
Nature/Scenic Photographer
Paparazzi Photographer
Pets Photographer
Photo Journalist
Real Estate Photographer
Satellite Photographer
School Photographer
Scientific Photographer
Social Media Photographer
Sports Photographer
Stock Photographer
Street Photographer
Travel Photographer
Underwater Photographer
Wedding Photographer
Wildlife Photographer

Now, the question is ‘What type of Photography one shall choose?’. Photography is deeper than choosing the Photographer type.
Photography has various aspects to it, that can be:

Action Photography
Aerial Photography
Kinetic Photography
Lens Flare Photography
Macro/Nano Photography
Night Photography
Panoramic Photography
Perspective Photography
Portraits Photography
Reflection Photography
Vintage and few other.

No matter which type of photographer you would choose to become and techniques of photography; it’s a learning process and the camera you hold. Each day you will discover something new and learn immense things each time. Such a treat to the eyes looking from camera lens and discovering pleasant things that exist around us! Isn’t it!

Creativity and the Box!

Angina, Uma. (2018, January 12). Creativity and the Box!

Most of us have heard many a times about ‘Think outside the Box” phrase. Did anyone wonder how that box looks like or who defines the shape and size of that box? Is the box rectangular or square?

I know…I know…  it’s after all just a phrase and the box is metaphoric. Creativity is what expected (let’s exclude innovation here) and it surely does not contain any shape or size. Not limited to, creativity taking form of an art, food, clothing, cinema, to a never ending list.

Creativity cannot be same for everyone. To say, one might think patches of colors on a canvas on a particular abstract art have creativity to it but to another it might be just patches of colors. It all depends how one portrays the elements of an object or a project that may define its creativeness. It is more or less similar to the ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’ thing. The perception of the onlooker defines if the form is creative enough.

For sure, thinking outside the box can stimulate ones brain working on variant thoughts popping on left and right brain. During the thought process the ideas rotates around the box and each idea gets the lift with its analysis of pros and cons. There is every chance thinking outside the box have its consequences too resulting in shaking the existing functioning system. Having said that, thinking outside the box gives birth to an extraordinary creative idea which no one might have thought possible. It is OK to suggest creative ideas for a project old or new if there is room for improvisation.

Creativity has every chance to increase the goodwill, sales, or attracting investors for a project. Thoughts and creative ideas generated from outside the box shall have credibility and authenticity to it for approval of everyone involved. It may not be worth if idea does not fit the project or timing for implementation is not appropriate. Creative ideas have its own time and place to cherish by all. So keep thinking outside the box and that shape is rectangular or square does not really matter!


Answer Is Within: Am I Passionate About My Work?

Most of us might have noticed that many a time’s quality of work at hand is compromised just to reach the quantity of deliverable to the deadline. What if, we just pause for sometime before delivering the work and put these below questions to self.

Am I passionate about the work I do?

Am I detail-oriented?

Do I present work/ideas creatively?

Am I organized person at work?

Am I service-oriented instead eager to finish the task?

Do I work smart instead work hard?

If answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above 4 questions or more, then I believe one is on their way to success or already stood out in the crowd and in the process gained confidence of the customers. They are ‘The Achievers’. These achievers already start thinking – What’s Next?

For rest who answered ‘Yes’ for 3 or less to above questions, I can say not to worry but hmmmmmm… I won’t. Reality check is needed here; if anyone thinks that they are not enjoying the work they do It’s time to analyse what’s not right or if there’s something need to be re-worked on or re-think their entire area of work.

For others keep doing what work you are passionate about. You may not necessarily need other people to validate your work. Social media is a kind of awesome lot for those who hardly gets distracted from receiving or not receiving the Likes and positive Comments.  The work accomplished is the ‘Work Accomplished’!  What matter most is how passionate you are towards your work, how smart you stood out in the crowd with your accomplishments, and how proud your achievements make your close ones and loved ones.

Having said that, a little appreciation from others for the work you did does boost confidence and encourage better performance continuously. On the other hand, social media is a kind of awful lot for those who seriously depend on the validation from others in the form of ‘Likes and Comments’. Not receiving likes and positive comments does not make one’s work or accomplishments of any less value.  To be precise, keep doing what you are passionate about!


Setting Your Goals to Success!

The other day I borrowed a book from one of my friends, and the book named “SEE YOU AT THE TOP” by Zig Zagler. The title pushed me hunting inside.

Who do not want to succeed? One may lie when they say they do not. Especially, for professionals or students who juggle between work/study and personal life, need to set goals to reach them and succeed.

Though half way thru the book, I learned that Setting goals and reaching them is SUCCESS. Many a times do we not wonder ‘How to set goals’ or ‘How do I reach my goals? It is easier to reach goals than to set them. A goal set is many a time reached as subconsciously we work towards it and eventually reach them.

Reaching towards success looks easy once we start believing in it. For setting goals or reaching goals, we need some records. Same as we need a route map to reach the destination. We need the starting place. And one need to be honest in keeping the records as it is for our sake. Records would help us know day-to-day basis of our productivity, work capacity, and usage of time.

Try separating your records for time spent on professional/study, personal work, and leisure time. This might look a bit tough in the beginning but it becomes a habit and you find it easier and productivity improves. And compare your best past records with the present to assess yourself.

Accept a ‘Challenge’. Do not worry about losing. You need not necessarily have to win every-time, but challenges in front of you will make you stronger. There’s a saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. If you win, your confidence boosts and will be making a lot of progress.